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Inspirational Tutorial: Celebrate Dear Diary Day!



Celebrate Dear Diary Day with the ultimate Art Journal page! Sam Lewis shows you how you can create this fabulous page too! Don’t just use this technique on a journal page try it on your cards and scrapbook projects too! Have fun!



Step 1: Starting by applying gesso to a blank journal page. Choose your colours (even if you change your mind later as happened here!).
Tip: Choose colours that won’t mix together and make mud on your page!


Step 2: Hand draw onto Sheena’s White Stamping Card the outline of the elements you’ll be using on your journal page. Tip: It’s useful to do it at this stage, and roughly cut them out so that you can plan your layout.


Step 3: Using your fingers (or a brush if you don’t like getting messy!) apply the paint to the page.


Step 4: Continue adding paint to the page, working whilst the paint is wet so that the colours blend a little.




Step 5: Using an old debit or gift card, scrape white gesso very roughly over the page.
Tip: Keep adding and scraping off the paint and leave gaps for the shimmering Pebeo paint to show through.


Step 6: Using Sheena’s Simply Scriptly stamp and the Textures Journal Jottings stamp along with Archival Ink, start stamping texture onto your page.
Tip: Don’t mount the stamps onto a block! Instead, use them “floppy” in your hand which prevents you from getting obvious stamp outlines. The key is random!



Step 7: Continue stamping onto the background, using the different stamps in different colours.
Tip: Stamp a little with Jet Black ink but don’t go too crazy. The black gives great depth and contrast, but you don’t want to overwhelm the background.


Step 8: Using letter stamps, or your own handwriting (or a combination of both, as here!), Stamp or write your sentiment onto the page. You can stamp with Archival Ink, and/or write with a black paint marker. Add highlights with a white paint marker.
Tip: In order to get the words spaced evenly, lay out your letter stamps on the page first, or write lightly with pencil.


Step 9: Colour the elements from Step 2, choosing colours that complement the paints you’ve used. Cut out the elements and outline with black paint marker. Glue to the page.


Step 10: Finish your page by adding a few highlights to the feather and ink pot with a white paint marker.

Crafter’s Companion supplies:

Other Supplies: Acrylic paint markers (black and white) and a 12” x 12” Kraft Scrapbook

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