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Tutorial of the month: November. An Autumnal Lantern!


So…the clocks have turned back and we’re officially in Autumn! Pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the menu…we’re already doing our Christmas shopping (and getting it sent to HQ so the little ones don’t peek at home!)…and the boiler at home is officially on and back in business until at least April! Brrrrrr!

Carole has provided such a lovely..warming and cosy tutorial for November! Why don’t you all give it a go and bring a warm cozy glow to your home this Autumn!



Make a template for the sides of the lantern:

  1. a) Cut a piece of A4 copier paper down to 21cm square.


  1. b) Fold the square in half diagonally and mark a border from each edge at ¾”.


  1. c) With the fold to the left, make a mark 5½” up along the line parallel to the fold then join that point to inside of the opposite corner.


  1. d) Cut out the inside triangle, and open out.


2. Cut out three matching sheets of A4 card down to 21cm square.

step-2-23a. On the reverse of each of these sheets, lay down the template and draw through the triangles and cut out the triangles on each piece of card.


4. Turn the card over and score down the diagonal between the two triangles.


5. Cut three triangles of acetate.

  • Draw a base line of 4⅝” and make a mark in the middle.
  • From the mark, draw a line 5⅝”. Join the end of this line to the ends of the base line to form the triangle.


6. To make the frame to cover the acetate

  • From the top of the triangle make a mark 1⅝” along the centre line, and another at 5⅝”.
  • Use the bottom mark as a centre point to draw a base line of 3⅜”. Join the mark at 1⅝” to the ends of this base line to form a triangle.




7.  Cut along the outer triangle and the inner to form the frame.


8. Emboss the acetate, and stick to the back of the frame with red liner tape. To create the mats and layers (you will need three of each triangle).


9. On the back of the card, draw a base line 7½”, and make a mark 2⅜” from the right hand end. From this mark draw a line 2⅜”. Join the end of this line to the ends of the base line.


10. On the back of the card, draw a base line 5⅝”, and make a mark 1¾” from the right hand end.  From this mark draw a line 1¾”. Join the end of this line to the end of the base line.


11. Cut a 3¼” square, and cut diagonally in half to create two triangles.


12. Cut a 2⅜” square, and cut diagonally in half to create two triangles.


To create the lantern:

  1. Lay one of the base pieces face up, and glue another over the top, lining up the triangle apertures. Lay the third piece over the top of this one in the same way.


14. Add the acetate frames to the apertures, leaving the left most one bare. Add the mats and layers to the sides as shown. Use a circle punch to create a half circle at the point all three pieces of card meet – make sure the hole will be big enough to pull your ribbon through.


15. Stick the final sides together, being sure to put the acetate frame on the outside.


16. Create a holder for your battery tealight using a strip of card fixed to a circle of card with Collall 3D Glue Gel. Fix ribbon to the bottom of the holder with red liner tape.


17. From the inside of the lantern, thread the ribbon up through the hole in the top and tie to secure.


18. Switch on your tealight and place in the holder.


Materials and Tools

Free CD from Crafter’s Inspiration 11

Free Embossing Folder from Crafter’s Inspiration 11

Printable Light Card

Sheena White Stamping Card

Big Score

Collall 3D Glue Gel

Collall All Purpose Glue

Collall Tacky Glue

Red Liner Tape

Ribbon and Embellishments

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