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I’ve been getting crafty with my little boys! – Sara Blog


For those of you who open Door no.24 on the Crafter’s Companion UK advent calendar this year will see what the boys and I have been making at home! Their Christmas crafts are so impressive. Oliver got really stuck in and little Charlie was so good at supervising!

Apologies I didn’t share all of these Christmas crafts sooner so you could give them a go! We are giving these crafts as presents this Christmas Eve and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!
We’ve been making yummy gingerbread and chocolates (peppermint creams this year!) – a tradition in the Davies household! We googled a simple gingerbread recipe and I have to admit – it was so tasty (I had to try a whole batch to see if it was okay)! We then used boiled sweets in the apertures!

Christmas crafts

The peppermint creams were made by adding peppermint flavouring to fondant icing and then rolling, cutting into circles. We then froze them to make them easier for Oliver to handle (and also then did the activity over a few sittings as toddlers get easily bored!) Oliver then dipped them in melted mint chocolate (green and blacks do a nice 70% coco solids mint). We then allowed them to set on grease proof paper! Yummy!


I also found these really fun projects on Pinterest for kids! Oliver absolutely loves being creative and getting his hands messy so what better than hand print reindeer and baubles?





Links to pinterest christmas crafts inspiration pages!

Salt Dough Handprints

Hand print Bauble

Reindeer hand print card

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All my love from our family to yours,

Sara xxx