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Friday 13th! – A Night to ‘Dismember’ tutorial!


BOO! – Have I spooked you out?

It’s Friday 13th and it’s October too!  With Halloween on the way, we thought this would be a perfect time for some fun scary projects and a great opportunity to show that you really don’t need to buy anything special and specifically Halloween themed to make a fun plaque like this.  Check out your stash of dies and think a little bit outside the box – you’ll have all kinds of things that can be used.  I found an apple die and an ivy die that I used to make a cute pumpkin.   The Cat, branch, hanging sign and alphabet dies are all so useful all year round that it’s worth investing in them just for their versatility.

Crafter’s Companion Supplies

Catitudes collection – Cat Silhouette die

Catitudes collection – Boutique Shop die

An Apple a Day die- Sheena Douglass Perfect Partners

(Sheena Douglass Perfect Partners Festive Fancies Bauble die also works well- just slightly larger)

Autumn Branches die- Sheena Douglass Perfect Partners

Festive Ivy die- Sheena Douglass Perfect Partners Festive Fancies

Diamond Press – Fashion alphabet dies

Diamond Press mini die cutting machine

Spectrum Noir Black sparkle pen

Pebeo silver gilding wax

Xyron Creative Station or Sticker Maker

Collall all purpose glue

CC kraft card

CC black card


Other supplies

Wood frame with hardboard back

Black gesso

Assorted acrylic paints


Step 1

Take any frame available from lots of bargain stores and remove any embellishments it may have come with to leave the basic frame and hardboard back (mine actually came from a 50p bargain bin and originally had hessian and star embellishments that I removed).  I used the reverse of the board which was the smooth side, separate the board and frame to work on separately.

Step 2

Coat the frame with black gesso or acrylic paint and the hardboard back with red acrylic paint – paint on two or three thick coats to create some texture making lots of brush strokes in the paint.

When the paint is dry score some lines into the wood of the frame with a sharp point (pokey tool or similar) and apply silver gilding wax very gently using the flat tip of your middle finger to give a worn wood look.  Next draw some  rough lines across the red background board with a black SN sparkle pen and swipe it across the board with a damp paper towel so it picks up the texture of the red paint and also adds some sparkle.

Step 3

Cut and emboss the selection of dies either in coloured card or ready to paint in any card (I used black card and Kraft card and painted with acrylic paints).

Step 4

Mark three curved lines lightly onto the apple (or bauble) dies with a grey pencil to create a quick and easy pumpkin effect. paint the top with green acrylic paint in a leafy look and mark a simple face as shown with a fine black marker pen. Then paint the ivy leaves to match and mark some light veins on the leaves with a pencil

Step 5

 Place the dies around the frame and adhere with Collall all purpose glue when you’re happy with the positioning. I usually take a quick photograph when I’ve laid them out to refer back and place in the same position when I stick them down.

Step 6

Cut out your chosen words using the Diamond Press Fashion dies –  the Diamond Press machine made this so quick and easy to do.

Snip the branch die cuts so that they fit onto the backboard top and bottom and arrange the words to fit between as shown

Step 7

Stick the branches and letters firmly in place then pop the board back into the frame . You’re ready to scare!

My crafty tip:  Firstly place the letters on your project exactly where you want them then remove all but the first and last letter of each line, leaving them as a guide for your words as you stick them back on.  Once the middle letters are stuck in place remove the letters on the end of each line and stick them down too – you’re much more likely to get reasonably straight evenly spaced text…… and finally use Xyron Creative Station or Sticker Maker to stick on your letters  it’s far less messy, no glue strands all over the place and you can gently lay them down and move around before you apply pressure to adhere to the backboard.

Happy Friday 13th! Don’t forget to take advantage of a this ‘spookily’ good discount!