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Extended Tall House Gift box using the NEW Ultimate Pro Boards


With the Christmas season fast approaching, this gorgeous gift box can be used to make even the simplest of gifts look extra special.

You’ll Need

Boutique Boxes Ultimate embossing board

Boxer Board

Kraft Card

Snowfall Acetate

Scandinavian Christmas Flakes & Swirls Stamp set

White Chalk Ink

Tacky glue

Red Liner Tape

Die’sire Decorative Edge set 2

Velcro dots or strips

Die’sire -Home for Christmas

Scraps of card in Christmassy colours

Die’sire- Christmas Fireplace

To Recreate, follow these steps

Step 1

Using the Embossing board, emboss as though you are making the house tall box but extend to include the second side panel, only embossing around the outside of the whole area, extend the gluing section at the bottom as shown in the diagram.  Do this twice and cut around the outside, then fold and burnish the score lines.

Step 2

Glue the two sections together at the side.

Step 3

Place the ‘Home for Christmas’ dies onto one of the wide panels where you would like the door and window to be, trace around the inside of the window and the panels at the top of the door so that you can cut these sections out.

Step 4

If you would like a window on the back of your house, cut this out now.

Step 5

Cut out the Door, Window and Wreath (from the Christmas Fireplace Die set), glue the wreath and flowers to the door ready to be attached to your house.

Step 6

Cut out acetate to fit around the windows and door, put red liner tape around the edges of your cut outs on the inside of the box, then stick the acetate to this so that the cut outs are covered (don’t want any treats escaping from the box until you’re ready!).

Step 7

Using the flakes and swirls stamp set and the white ink, stamp randomly over the entire box, you can also ink the crease lines to make the house look all snowy.

Step 8

Using tacky glue stick the door and window to the outside so that the acetate areas are showing through.  Once this is dry, assemble the house, gluing the other side and then base in place (as on the DVD).

Step 9

Cut out 10 strips of Kraft card which are 5 and ¾  inches long by 3 centimetres wide (sorry for mixing metric and imperial).  You will also need a strip 5 and ¾  inches by 1 and 7/8 inches wide, and for the main roof, a piece of card 5and ¾  inches wide by 6 and 1/8 inches long.

Step 10

Using the piece of card 6 and 1/8 by 5 and 3/4.  With the 5 and ¾ inch side against the box lid side of your boxer board, score at 3 inches and 3 and 1/8 inches, this will create your roof section, roll this to give you the fold.

Now with the strip 5 ¾ by 1 and 7/8, place the long edge against the box lid side of the boxer board and score at 7/8 inch and 1 inch, again roll to give the fold.

Step 11

Using a die from Decorative Edge Set 2, create a decorative edge on all of your 10 strips of card, and along both edges of your 5 ¾ by 1 and 7/8 inch piece.  Ink around the edges of these pieces with the chalk ink so that the roof pieces have a snowy finish (you could glitter these if you want).

Step 12

Glue your roof strips the main roof, starting at the bottom and staggering them evenly towards the top.  Once you have glued both sides, take the strip with the fold in the middle and glue this over the top of your roof, this hides the cuts and gives a decorative finish to the roof.

TOP TIP: Allow the roof to dry in the folded position – not flat so that it will move more easily when assembled.

Step 13

Glue the roof to the back of your main house, then add two Velcro dots or strips to either side of the front of the house so that the top closes.  Your ho