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Let it snow…Let it snow… Let it snow!


Hi Crafters,

Are you in need of some last minute Christmas card inspiration?  Judith has used the Die’sire Create-a-Card Kinetic Dies and Let it Snow inlay dies to make this stunning glittery card.

You’ll need:

Die’sire Create-a-Card Kinetic Die Circle Card
Die’sire  Create-a-Card Kinetic Sparkling Snowflakes
Gold Luxury cardstock
Sheena’s Stamping Card
Stick-it die cut adhesive sheets
Sheets of acetate
Red liner tape
Collall tacky glue
Stick and Stay


Step 1

Create the kinetic circle card base with a piece of white Sheena Stampin card 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches as per the instructions that accompany the Kinetic card base die,

Step 2

Cut and emboss the inlay sentiment ‘Let it Snow’ into the circle in the cut card as shown.

Step 3

Cut two pieces of Stick it – one with each of the mat dies

Step 4

Cut and emboss the snowflake overlays using Gold luxury card and stick onto one side of each Stick it mat.

Step 5

Sprinkle the overlays with a fine iridescent glitter filling the spaces in the design onto the Stick it mat – I rubbed it in with my finger then placed the backing paper from the Stick it on top and rolled over with a brayer to make sure it is all stuck well and filled all the spaces.

Step 6

Peel the backing from the Stick it on the inlays and adhere to the two sides of the card as shown (the sentiment will be face down when the card is laid flat).

Step 7

Cut two circles of acetate using the circle mat die and stick together using red liner tape for a firm seal. Leave a small opening at the top.

Step 8

Pour iridescent glitter into the pocket through the top space to around ¼ full, then seal up the space in the pocket with red liner tape.

Step 9

Stick another line of red tape around the outer edge of the acetate pocket and stick to the back of the cut-out sentiment as shown, then cut a ring of white card with two circle dies to cover the edge of the pocket and tape.

Step 10

Finally cut the ‘Let it Snow’ sentiment again in gold luxury card, this time using the die and circle mat to create a circle sentiment to cover the sentiment cut out of the original card. Stick it slightly offset onto the front of the sentiment using tacky glue and stick and stay to create a white shadow effect as shown.

Happy Christmas crafers!