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Meet the Maker- John Lockwood


Describe yourself in five words

Eclectic – friendly – introspective – Artistic and shy

How did you get into craft?

I was lucky enough to go to Art college from school so got a good grounding in arts and crafts. I followed this with different crafty hobbies from cross stitch and sewing to drawing and sketching. I bought a kit form a home shopping channel for paper crafts and my crafting passion spread from there.

What is a typical day like for you?

I get up at 6am most days ( I’m a morning person) and tidy my craft cave back into order from the mess I leave it in every night. I usually craft or design until lunchtime and after lunch, I have a siesta! ( having lived in Spain for years I got a taste for the large lunch and sleep! I then usually continue making samples or designing new products until late into the night

What are your favourite medium(s) and why?

I love paper! I feel that a blank sheet of paper or card holds a thousand possibilities. I have a massive collection of plain and patterned paper and have an addiction to 12 x 12 paper pads ( more of a collection lol).

Tell us about your favourite creation

My favourite creation would be my sandwich box. I took a long time working out all the measurements and making it and I have made this in one form or another many time over the last few years. Finally, in 2017 I was able to turn this into a die making it even easier to make!

What projects are you working on now?

That would let the cat out of the bag, keep watching Hochanda too see what new ideas I have coming!

Where do you do most of your work?

Mostly in my craft cave or sat at my MAC usually whilst listening to an audiobook playing through the whole house.

What has been your favourite new product or discovery over the last year?

The Media Plates. I feel they give me a level of skill that I don’t naturally have. They allow me to make creations that look as if I have spent more time on than I actually have.

Where do you get the inspiration for all your amazing projects?

From everyday life! Most of my ideas come to me as I’m driving. As a demonstrator, I drive thousands of miles a year meaning I get a lot of thinking time!

What are your top tips for anyone looking to get started in crafting?

Stay true to your vision and publish your work. I got my opportunity simply by putting my work out there on my blog and social media. Let as many people as possible see your work and the best piece is usually the one you don’t like!