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We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day!


To celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’, we sat down with Crafter’s Companion owner, Sara Davies for a cuppa and a chat!

Tell us about how you set up your business?

I was just 21 when I started developing the envelope-making board with my Dad. I had seen a gap in the market when I did my placement year at uni at a craft company, so saved up the money earned from my summer job and worked with a joiner from my village who built me the prototype of the Enveloper – he produced the original boards for me out of MDF (I even have one of these very first boards in a glass cabinet at Crafter’s Companion HQ). I converted a section of my university bedroom into a mini office and this is where I did all the work, recruiting some of my uni friends to help me out in different aspects that I was unsure of, like the web development and graphic design side.

Did you always want to have your own business?

Growing up, I wanted to be a history teacher believe it or not! History was always my favourite subject at school. Now I get to teach craft on TV which is even better!

Tell us more about presenting on live TV!

I’ve always been fairly confident about public speaking but I was definitely nervous going on TV for the first time! It took a while to get used to which camera to look at and not to look at the monitors while the camera was on you! It also took some getting used to being on Talkback. This is where you have an earpiece so you can hear what the director and producer are saying. It’s really useful as they help guide you through the show, telling you where to go to on the set or what to talk about next but it’s so strange at first listening to people talking to you and not being able to respond to them! Now, I take it in my stride. Most people who know me will say that I am the same on air as I am in real life.

Which woman inspires you the most?

My mam of course! She’s taught me and my kid sister, Helen everything we know. She’s been by my side throughout the whole Crafter’s Companion journey and is an amazing nana to our Oliver and Charlie. (Thanks, Mam!) 

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What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.’ Karim Seddiki

What has been the stand-out moment of your craft career to date?

It’s hard to pick just one! Can I choose three?

The first would be opening our first retail store in Newton Aycliffe (and then our stores in Chesterfield and Evesham) as this has definitely been a highlight. I’d been dreaming of opening our own stores for such a long time so I got really emotional when we finally achieved it!

Another highlight has been working with other amazing women in the craft world such as Sheena Douglass. I’ve learned so much from her over the years!

And last, but certainly not least, was when I received my MBE at Buckingham Palace for services to the industry. I’m so passionate about flying the flag for the craft industry so to see that recognised in such an incredible way was really overwhelming. Even Prince William knew about the Enveloper – can you believe it?! I was very impressed!


Me and Sheena at HSN!

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Crafty hugs,

CC Team 🙂 x