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Build-A-Block™ Tulip Cushion Project


Last week saw the launch of our fabulous new Build-A-Block™ patchwork system.

Now you have your fabric dies you’ll want to experiment! So, how about this lovely tulip cushion project to get you started?

This is the first step-by-step guide in our dedicated Build-A-Block project series, to help inspire you and illustrate the versatility of this amazing system…

We have chosen to use five complementary fabrics for this project, but feel free to select your own colour choices or even use up your old scraps!

You will need

Build-A-Block™ dies
39.5×39.5cm (15.5×15.5”) of wadding
54.5×81.5cm (21.5×32”) of backing and border fabric
16.5x15cm (6.5×16″) of lining fabric
30.5×30.5cm (12×12”) of cream fabric
20.5×20.5cm (8×8”) of pink fabric
12.5×12.5cm (5×5”) of mint blue fabric
7.5×7.5cm (3×3”) of yellow fabric
Square cushion pad
Gemini die-cutting machine
Sewing machine
Basic sewing kit

Step 1

Choose a 12” block design from the Build-A-Block™ instruction booklet and use the dies to
cut out the pieces as per the instructions. For this project, we have chosen the Tulip block.

Step 2

Sew your block together following the instructions in the Build-A-Block™ booklet.

Step 3

Cut out four border strips measuring 6.5×139.5cm (2.5×55”) and then attach these to the
outside of your block, starting with both sides and then attach the top and bottom. Cut a
piece of wadding the same size as your cushion front. Secure it behind the quilt block and
quilt the piece as desired.

Step 4

Cut two pieces of fabric for the back of the cushion measuring 16.5×40.5cm (6.5×16″) and
38×40.5cm (15×16″) respectively. Cut a piece of lining fabric measuring 16.5×40.5cm (6.5×16″).

Step 5

Sew the lining piece and the backing piece measuring the same size right sides together along
both short and one long side. Turn them the right side out and iron them flat.

Step 6

Take the larger back panel, turn it over 0.6cm (¼”) on the 40.5cm (16″) side and iron it. Turn it
in once again and topstitch it down. This gives a nice neat edge on the finished project.

Step 7

Place your front pattern block piece facing up, lay the piece from Step 5 face-down onto it with
the un-sewn side at the top. Next, place the piece from Step 6 face-down over both of them
with the topstitched hem just short at the top.

Step 8

Sew around the edges of the cushion, making sure not to catch in the topstitched hem of piece
from Step 6.

Turn the cushion the right side out, iron it flat and insert your cushion pad to finish.

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