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Create Beautiful Bunting With Threaders Monogram Maker !


Discover how you can use the Threaders Monogram Maker frame and coordinating alphabet stencils to create beautifully customised bunting!

You will need

25cm (10”) of pink, blue & cream linen-look cotton

Purple, Electric Blue & Gold Pebeo Setacolour Shimmer fabric paint

Threaders Monogram Maker Vine & Arrow Frame Stencils

Threaders Monogram Maker Vintage Alphabet Stencils

1” (2.5cm) bias tape

Ink-blending tool

Stick & Spray for Fabric adhesive

Basic sewing kit

Pinking shears (optional)

Sewing machine



Step 1

Cut 9 pennant shapes from the linen-look cotton fabric (if you would like to customise the wording then cut the desired amount of pennants required for by remembering to include a blank pennant between any words). The pennants cut for Julie’s bunting are 9” long and were cut using pinking shears to achieve a rustic look.

Step 2

Use Stick & Spray for Fabric adhesive to temporarily secure a letter stencil onto a pennant to start to spell the sentiment. Use an ink-blending tool to apply fabric paint through the stencil and allow it to dry.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 with the remaining letters to spell the full sentiment. Alternate the colours of the letters to achieve an eye-catching look to the finished design.

Step 4

Once the letters are dry, heat-set the fabric paint used by ironing the reverse side of the pennants. At this stage, you can add more colour if desired.

Step 5

Position the end section of the small Vine stencil featuring singular leaves onto a pennant using Stick & Spray for Fabric adhesive. Stencil through the design using gold paint.

Step 6

Continue to add more stencilled vine details by alternating the direction of the stencil and repeat this on the remaining pennants. Allow the stencilled details to dry, then heat-set them by ironing them on the reverse side.

Step 7

Measure a length of bias tape to accommodate the length of the bunting (Julie left 5” between each pennant). Fold the bias tape in half and pin the pennants in place, sandwiching each one between the fold of the bias tape as shown.

Step 8

Sew the bias tape closed, ensuring that the ends of each pennant are securely sewn in place. Now your beautiful bunting is complete!


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