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Build-A-Block™ Reading Cushion Project


Since launching in May our new Build-A-Block™ system has been transforming patchwork projects for many.

Our seventh step-by-step guide in our dedicated project series details how you can combine your 3 favourite fabrics to create this beautiful reading cushion.

You will need

Build-A-Block™ dies
3 coordinating fabrics of your choice
Fusible fleece
Square cushion pad
Gemini die-cutting machine
Sewing machine
Basic sewing kit

Step 1

Follow the Build-A-Block™ instructions to die-cut the pieces to create seven pinwheel blocks
each measuring 4”. Assemble the blocks as per the instructions, then stitch three blocks together
to create a row and repeat with another three blocks. You should have two rows of three blocks
and a single pinwheel block.

Step 2

Die-cut four 3.5” half square triangles from dark fabric, and four from a mid-tone fabric.
Arrange the triangles into four squares, each square consisting of a dark and a mid-tone
triangle, and sew them together. Press the seams to the dark side.

Step 3

Die-cut four 3.5” quarter square triangles from dark fabric and four from a mid-tone fabric.
Arrange the triangles into two squares, each square consisting of two dark and two mid-tone
triangles, and sew them together. Press the seams to the dark side.

Step 4

Die-cut two 3.5” squares from a mid-tone fabric. Arrange these along with the assembled blocks
from Step 2 and Step 3 and the individual pinwheel block from Step 1 to form a nine patch block and sew it together.

Step 5

Cut two pieces of light fabric measuring 24x5cm (9.5×2”) light for the sashing. Stitch these to
the sides of the nine patch block created in Step 4, then stitch the two rows of pinwheel blocks
from Step 1 onto the sides of the sashing.

Step 6

Cut two border strips of light fabric measuring 47x5cm (18.5×2”) and stitch them across the top
and the bottom of the patchwork piece from Step 5.

Step 7

Iron fusible fleece onto the wrong side of the patchwork panel. Quilt the panel as desired
and trim it.

Step 8

Cut a piece of light fabric measuring 47×30.5cm (18.5×12”) for the reverse of the quilted
patchwork panel. Place this and the patchwork panel right sides together and stitch across
the top. Flip it to the right side, then press and topstitch the top edge. Baste the side and
bottom edges.

Step 9

Baste the quilted patchwork panel onto a 47x47cm (18.5×18.5”) square piece of light fabric
down the sides and across the bottom. Ensure the panel is positioned across the bottom.
This is the front of the cushion with the pocket now stitched in place.

Step 10

Cut two 47×26.5cm (18.5×10.5”) pieces of light fabric for the cushion back. Hem one
long side of each piece.

Step 11

With the right sides together, layer the cushion back pieces on top of the cushion front,
ensuring the hemmed edges overlap. Sew around the edges of the cushion.

Step 12

Clip the corner and turn the cushion cover the right side out. Insert a cushion pad and pop
your book inside the pocket to finish!

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