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Build-A-Block™ Fox in the Wood Single Quilt Project


We hope that you are enjoying your brilliant Build-A-Block™ patchwork system?

Our eighth step-by-step guide in our dedicated project series details how you can make this pretty single quilt using our lovely Fox In The Wood fabric.

You will need

100cm (39”) of green fabric / 50cm (19.5”) of pink fabric / 100cm (39”) of mustard fabric / 50cm (19.5”) of silver fabric / 102x193cm (40×76”) of fabric for the backing / 102x193cm (40×76”) of wadding / 50cm (19.5”) of fabric for the binding / coordinating thread / Build-A-Block™ dies / Gemini die-cutting machine / basic sewing kit / sewing machine / walking foot
Stick & Spray fabric adhesive / rotary cutter / acrylic ruler & mat / iron

Build-A-Block Preparation

Die-cut 288 squares using the 3.5” square Build-A-Block™ die. You will need to cut the following
amount of squares from each fabric:

Green fabric: 72
Pink fabric: 54
Mustard fabric: 108
Silver fabric: 54

Block Construction

You will need to make 18 of each block as follows:


Quilt top layout

Step 1

Each block is made up of four die-cut squares. To construct a block, place two squares
right sides together, sew using a 0.5cm (¼”) seam allowance and press the seams to one side.
Repeat with the remaining two squares ensuring the seam is pressed to the opposite side. Next,
join these two pairs together to make the block.

Step 2

Once all 72 blocks are made, lay them out as per the diagram. You will notice that
some blocks need rotating. Sew the blocks in pairs using a 0.5cm (¼”) seam allowance and
press as you go. Continue sewing the pieces in pairs in this way until you have completed
the quilt top. Press well.

Step 3

Place the backing on a large surface with the wrong side facing up. Lay the wadding
on top, followed by the quilt top right side facing. Use Stick & Spray fabric adhesive on each
side of the wadding to adhere the pieces together well.

Step 4

Use a walking foot to quilt through all layers.

Step 5

Trim back the quilt top ensuring the corners are all square.

Step 6

Cut 5cm (2.5”) strips from the width of fabric and join them to make the binding.
You will need at least 600cm (236”). Fold the binding in half wrong sides together
(press if preferred) and attach it to the quilt, mitring the corners as you go. Fold the binding
over to the reverse of the quilt and stitch it by hand to the back of the quilt to finish.

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