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Embroidery with Rossella


Hi embroidery lovers, Rossella here!

Here I am with my monthly blog takeover with Crafter’s Companion! Check back on the last Friday of every month for your guide to all things embroidery!

This month I will be showing you how to use the marvellous Threaders Embroidery Transfer Sheets alongside how to use all the different stitches to achieve detailed effects. 

Watch the video below to start learning. You’ll find written instructions on all the stitches discussed below.

Equipment you may need:

Linen look fabric
Embroidery Hoops
Threaders Transfer Sheets


As the name suggests, this stitch is perfect for stems. Is also very useful for outlining shapes and filling larger areas with multiple lines of stem stitch worked close to each other.  The finished stitch creates a decorative rope-like effect.

  1. Working from right to left, bring the needle up at a and down at b
  2. Keeping the thread below the needle, bring the needle back up at point c, slightly above where the last stitch ended.


A useful stitch for outlining a shape and perfect for creating curved lines.

  1. Pass the needle up through the fabric at point A and back down at point B
  2. Bring the needle back up at point C and continue


This decorative stitch is particularly useful for creating leaves and is perfect for seed heads.

  1. Bring the needle up at point A and down again at point B
  2. Pull the thread slowly through, leaving a loop.
  3. Bring the needle back up and through the loop at point C.
  4. Anchor the stitch and create a tail by inserting the needle down at point D

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to check back next month on Friday 26th October as we continue our stitching journey.

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