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How to make a spinning love card with the Gemini Nesting Dies

Crafter's Companion – 07/05/19

Love got you in a spin? Then you’ll love this amazing card, designed by Alexia Misso! This card is ideal for Valentine’s Day or just for showing someone that you care. It’s also a slightly more advanced project, so if you want to take your cardmaking to the next level, this is the perfect project for you.

This project uses the Gemini Nesting Dies, which are sets of dies that will help you to achieve amazing edge effects without all of the effort. For this card, you’ll need the Torn Heart Nesting Dies – as the name would suggest, with these dies, you can create ripped edges without the worry of making a mistake.

You will need:

Step 1

Cut nesting heart shapes out of your adhesive foam sheets. Start with the third die in the set and pair it up with the next smallest die to cut out a thick heart outline. Continue with this method, decreasing the size of your dies until you reach the smallest die.

Step 2

Using the same method as in Step 1, cut pairs heart outlines from red card (one for the back of the heart and one for the front), starting with the third die and the next smallest. These red outlines should match perfectly to your adhesive foam shapes. Peel the plastic from the back of your adhesive hearts and apply your red outlines to only the back.

Step 3

Using the largest heart die, cut the shape out of your card base, another piece of red cardstock and your choice of decorative paper.

Step 4

Adhere the red cardstock to the card base and apply double-sided foam all around the edge. Arrange your heart outlines in the centre with the red side down. Peel the plastic from the hearts and the adhesive edging, and add a piece of thread vertically across the length of the card, ensuring that it touches each of the hearts.

Step 5

Stick the remaining red heart outlines to the front of the hearts, sandwiching the thread underneath.

Step 6

Stick the decorative paper the card base and decorate as you like! Try stamping a sentiment or adding pearl embellishments.

This exquisite card is sure to be loved by any recipient. You could even switch up the sentiment to make this a wedding or anniversary card! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, so be sure to share your creations with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.