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Metallic makings with Spectrum Noir

Crafter's Companion – 19/07/19

Hands up, who loves adding a touch of bling to their work? We love the way that using a metallic product on our artwork brings the whole design to life and creates a fun texture that your eye just can’t ignore. If that’s something you like the sound of, then you need to check out the rest of this inspiration post!

We’re going to be showing you all the different ways that you can use the Spectrum Noir Metallic products, including the markers, pencils and inks, so if you’ve been looking for that extra bit of glamour for your creations, you’re heading the right way!

Metallic Markers

The Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers feature a premium water-based ink that’s been finely blended with special metallic pigment. The result is an unbeatable, opaque and flawless laydown of colour, perfectly balanced with an impressive metallic sheen.

As the ink inside these markers is water-based, they lend themselves beautifully to watercolour techniques. The colours can easily be dragged out with a water brush after being applied, which you can see in this project. They’re also perfect for adding a solid, opaque wash of colour to a variety of surfaces, including card, paper, glass, ceramics and more!

Metallic Pencils

For colouring on black or dark card or paper, the Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils will be your best friend. They provide a much softer metallic sheen in comparison to the Metallic Markers, but they still pack a punch when it comes to colour payoff, especially against dark material.

These premium pencils are available in packs of 12, giving you a brilliant spectrum of shades to use and effects that you can create. Just take a look at the beautiful hair-like strokes on the squirrel image below! Of course, while these pencils are perfect for dark card or paper, they will also work beautifully on white, so give them a go and see what you can create.

Metallic Inks

Create stunning, iridescent effects with the water-reactive Spectrum Noir Metallic Inks. Their premium pigments offer a rich, opaque layer of colour with a wonderful pearlescent, metallic finish. Perfect for a whole range of arty mixed media uses. With the same colour formulations as our popular Metallic Markers in liquid form, these versatile Metallic Inks will produce amazing results.

They can be sponged, brayered, flicked, spattered and drizzled, applied through a stencil or simply brushed on to a range of surfaces where they will dry permanent. They can even be applied to multi media surfaces, such as clay and ceramics, so they’re ideal for a range of projects.

We can’t wait to see all of the metallic fun that you get up to, so make sure that you show us your photos by tagging #spectrumnoir on Instagram, posting on our Facebook page, or sharing on Pinterest!