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Craig’s Christmas shaker card element tutorial

Craig Laird – 13/08/19

There are a few things that every crafter has on their list during the lead up to Christmas, and one of those is to make the Christmas cards. Hands up, who’s finished their cardmaking for the season? If not, don’t worry! We’ve got a brilliant tutorial from Craig Laird to help you create beautiful shaker elements for the front of your creations.

Shaker cards a whole lot of fun for both the crafter and the recipient, and feature an interactive element on the front that is filled with sequins, beads or glitter that move about when shaken. While they look a little difficult to create from a distance, we’ve made the process a whole lot easier with the Gemini Christmas Shaker Card Stamp and Dies. They feature all the elements you could possibly need to put a seasonal shaker together!

Make sure you take a look at Craig’s video below to see how they work!

You will need:

Gemini Christmas Ornament Stamp & Die (see other designs here)
Mixed sequin pack
Luxury cardstock pack (Carnival, Green, Ice Blue, Precious Metals, Purple, Red or Silver)
Gemini Junior
Gemini Junior Clear Cutting Plate
Gemini Junior Metal Cutting Plate
Gemini Junior Magnetic Shim
Gemini Junior Plastic Shim
Gemini Junior Rubber Embossing Mat
Low Tack Tape
4.5″ Precision Snips
13″ x 19″ Glass Cutting Mat
Red Liner Tape
Pokey Tool

Once you’ve created one shaker, you’re going to want to create more! With the help of the Shaker Card Stamp and Dies, you’ll be able to precisely cut all of the pieces needed, including the acetate, and pair them up with the stamps to add extra pretty details. There’s a whole collection of designs to try out, so take a look at which one takes your fancy and find out how you can add a touch of pizzazz to your projects.

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