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The beginner’s guide to Spectrum Noir markers

Crafter's Companion – 15/11/19

With our Spectrum Noir line growing more and more over the months, we figured it was time that we introduced it into our beginner’s guide series! Early Spectrum Noir fans will remember our first ever markers which followed our fantastic Colouring System, so for a bit of a throwback, we’ve decided to dedicate this beginner’s guide to markers!

With markers for colouring, watercolour effects, detailed areas and a variety of other needs, it can be a little bit confusing to know which is best for you, but that’s exactly what this post is for. We’ll break down each of our Spectrum Noir marker products to date, giving you an insight into what they’re good for, their design and how they work. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re a Spectrum Noir newbie!

Classique Markers

If you were a fan of the original Spectrum Noir markers, you’ll love the Classiques. These markers feature translucent alcohol dye, which can be built up for incredible, vivid colour or used across shades for seamless blending. They’re ideal for those of us that want a smooth colour laydown, but the option of bolder swipes of colour or finer details.

Key features: new Japanese nibs for high quality colouring, translucent alcohol dye for colour build up, and chisel nib and bullet tip dual-end design.

216 colours in the range. Available as single shades, packs of six and packs of twelve.

Can be paired up with the Alcohol Re-Inkers to extend the life of your pens.

Illustrator Markers

The incredible Illustrators follow the same Colouring System as the Classiques, so you’ll be able to match the colours up perfectly or find that ideal complementary shade. However, the difference between the Illustrators and the Classiques is that the Illustrators feature a brush tip to help you create lines of varying width. This makes them ideal for creating textured looks and detail!

Key features: brush tip for varying line sizes, super-fine nib for fine details and Japanese nib combination.

216 colours in the range. Available as single shades, packs of six and packs of twelve.

Perfect for a smooth coverage and professional finish.

TriBlend Markers

The TriBlends are one of our most unique marker designs to date as they feature three separate ink chambers within the barrel. They feed through to their own fine-bullet nib, but clip together to form one pen. Each of the shades inside complements one another, so these are the perfect markers for creating depth and dimension on your work.

Key features: unique 3-in-1 design and shades that complement each other for seamless blending and depth.

48 colours (with three shades in each, resulting in 144 shades). Available in single shades or packs of six.

Ideal for creating realistic shadows and depth on your artwork.

Metallic Markers

As the name may suggest, our Metallics have been specifically designed to add a smooth and reflective finish. These water-based markers provide a fade-free, flawless result every time and look especially brilliant against dark surfaces. The ink inside has been blended with metallic pigments to result in an unbeatable opaque colour with a stunning sheen, so if you want to turn heads, this is the way to go!

Key features: dual-tipped for lettering, embellishing and colouring, provides an opaque laydown of metallic colour and fade-free.

18 colours in the range. Available in packs of six.

Great for a reflective finish.

Aqua Markers

In contrast to the super opaque Metallics, the Aqua Markers will add a translucent wash of colour to a piece and give you the ability to blend them out with water. Each pen is dual-tipped, combining a flexible brush for loose, broad coverage and an ultra-fine tip for outlines and details. These markers are perfect for watercolour-style sketching on the go!

Key features: a flexible brush for broad strokes, an ultra-fine tip for details and water-based dye that can be blended out with water.

72 colours in the range. Available in packs of six and twelve.

Perfect for watercolour effects and creating backgrounds.

Graphic Markers

Our Graphics share the same colour chart as the Classiques and Illustrators, and is equipped with dual tips for sweeping lines or fine details. This is a classic combination for loose sketching and design work, so these markers are not particularly suited to colouring. However, you can still get that brilliant blending that Spectrum Noir is known for!

Key features: broad chisel and fine bullet nibs, and artist’s grade inks for flawless laydown.

216 colours in the range. Available in single markers.

Perfect for colour sketches and renders.

That covers all of the fabulous Spectrum Noir Markers, so we hope that we’ve included all the details that you need to get to grips with yours! Once you’ve created your artwork, make sure you show us and tag us in photos on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.