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Mouse pincushion (John Scott’s Sewing World episode 1)

John Scott – 03/03/20

Did you catch the first episode of John Scott’s Sewing World? With this project, you can create the adorable mouse pincushion that was featured! This is a simple project that doesn’t require a lot of materials and doesn’t feature too many steps, so it’s perfect for beginners. Have a go!

You will need:

  • Mouse pincushion pattern
  • Fat quarter of main fabric
  • Scrap of pink felt
  • 2 x black buttons for the eyes
  • 6″ length of rattail cord for the tail
  • Toy stuffing
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing kit


Print out the pattern pieces.

Step 1

Cut out two sides, a face and a base, from your main fabric. Transfer any markings.

Step 2

Cut out two ears from the felt.

Step 3

Fold the sides of the ears into the centre and baste into place on the face, making sure they line up with the markings. With right sides facing, stitch the sides together along the edges without the markings.

Step 4

With right sides together, stitch the joined side panel to the face along the short edge. Baste the 6″ piece of rattail to the back of the base, facing inwards.

Step 5

Stitch the body to the base, leaving a small gap at the side for turning through. Turn through to the right side and fill with toy stuffing. Hand stitch the gap closed.

Step 6

Sew on the buttons for the eyes.