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How to make a folded star (John Scott’s Sewing World episode 3)

John Scott – 18/03/20

In the third episode of John Scott’s Sewing World, John showed off the stunning and quirky Lewis & Irene Village Pond fabric collection, which featured gorgeous, quintessentially British imagery. He also displayed the Bumbleberries fabric, a great mix of blender shades to help you match up your vivid prints perfectly. In this project, you will use both ranges to create a gorgeous folded star! This is a simple project, so give it a go!

You will need:

Step 1

Fold or mark the foundation square, so that you have all centre points marked (vertical/horizontal and diagonal cross points).

Step 2

Fold each smaller square in half, wrong sides together, and then fold the corners of the folded edge into the centre (see image above and to the right). Press to hold the crease.

Step 3

Using the marked/folded lines as a guide, line up 4 spring blossom squares so that their points meet in the centre. Pin and stitch around the edge using a scant seam (see image to the right).

Step 4

Place the second layer (pink) on top of the first layer. Each point should be evenly placed approximately ½” away from the first point. Be careful to line up the centre fold with the marked/folded points of the foundation square. Pin in place. Now place pink folded squares so that they line up with the diagonal marked lines on the foundation square (see images to the right and below). Pin and stitch in place using a scant seam around the edge.

Step 5

Repeat this process from the second layer with a further 3 layers (yellow, turquoise, pink). Always stay an even approximate ½” or so from the previous layer’s points and ensure the centre folds are in line with the marked lines on the foundation square.

Step 6

You can continue going around in layers like this, using 8 4” squares folded into points until you get the size you are happy with. The initial foundation square is a guide for starting off, but isn’t essential as the star gets larger as the stitches hold each layer to the previous layer.

Step 7

When you get to the final layer, either finish the project off as a circle or to square off like the project shown, place 4 4” squares folded into points (yellow) on opposite sides of the star, and 6 ½” squares folded into points on the corners. Pin and sew into place (the larger points will hang over the edges, this is fine!).

Step 8

Square off and trim excess and layer, like a regular quilt sandwich and finish with binding.