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Patchwork is the process of sewing fabric pieces together into a larger design. This process allows you to incorporate a range of fabric designs and prints into your piece of work, making it a real show piece. Learn the different ways to create a patchwork project and the tools you need in this section.

Patchwork Videos

English Paper Piecing

Introduction to English Paper Piecing

English paper piecing is the technique of wrapping fabric around a piece of paper or lightweight card to stabilize and form a specific shape, accurately. Fabric is basted around a pre-cut paper shape with a tacking stitch and then sewn together, usually with a whipstitch or a ladder stitch. Nowadays, for speed, a fabric glue pen is used to temporarily adhere the fabric edge to the back of the paper shape instead of tacking. The paper or card is then removed when the project is complete.

Patchwork Projects

Heart Wrap Pin Cushion
Spring Cushion