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18 Jul 2014
SarahJayne recently made a gorgeous card with a handmade satin poppy on it, and has also done up a f... read more
17 Jul 2014
Donna and Laine have been colouring stamps from the Angelica and Adam range! If you're stuck for ide... read more

Welcome to Crafter's Companion

Sara Davies (nee Johnson) graduated from the University of York Management School with first class honours. As part of her degree she undertook a year in industry working for a mail-order company operating in the Arts and Crafts Sector. After undertaking product development research, by the time she returned to complete her final year of study in October 2005, she had a number of products in the final stages of development, and felt the impetus to push forward instead of awaiting her graduation (as had previously been her intention). So, in September 2005 Crafter’s Companion was formed. Crafter's Companion now has an office in the North-East of England, as well as in California, USA, from where the American side of the business is conducted.