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10 reasons why you should start sewing

  1. Read time: 6 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Sewing is a hobby and craft that has stood the test of time, and given people so much happiness over hundreds of years. But did you know that there are more benefits to sewing than meets the eye? We’ve put together this post with ten reasons about why you should start sewing, from mental health benefits to the more practical things. Take a look and see if you’re inspired!

1. You can make or mend your own clothes

Making your own clothes is a total joy – hello, brand new wardrobe! – but before you can reach that stage, you can mend and repair your old clothes. Got a pair of jeans with a rip that you were just about to throw out? Learn how to patch them up. Found an old tshirt that needs a facelift? Learn the applique technique to add a fun motif. Bring life to a new back, customise a pair of shoes, patch up a funky denim jacket… the possibilities truly are endless!

2. It’s a great for expressing creativity

We love all the creativity and imagination that comes along with learning to sew. Sure, there are the basics to learn, just like learning your scales before you can become a rockstar, but once you’ve got the foundations nailed, you can let your creativity flourish. You can experiment with different fabrics, different quilting patterns, different stitching styles and so much more to achieve the project of your dreams.

3. It improves dexterity

Sewing is great for keeping your fingers, hands and wrists nimble by encouraging you to use small items, such as needles, threads, thimbles and bobbins. You’ll also find that your fine motor skills are improved by moving your projects and fabrics through your sewing machine, especially if you’re working on detailed creations. Improved dexterity is something that you won’t notice overnight, but as the years go on, you’ll be thanking yourself for picking up sewing as a hobby!

4. It has the potential to be environmentally-friendly

Like we mentioned earlier, sewing opens the possibility of making new clothes and mending old ones, which means that less clothes will be going into landfills. Not only this, but it also opens up the opportunity for you to choose fabrics that are responsibly-sourced, organic, fair trade or sustainable! This helps to support the environment, as well as any charities that work with fair trade and sustainable materials suppliers.

5. It builds confidence and self-esteem

Sewing is a craft that takes planning, preparation, focus, patience and endurance. The beginning to the end of a project can take weeks, months and even years to complete, depending on the size and complexity. So when you’ve completed your project and held up the finished thing for everyone to see, it’s always a confidence booster to hear, ‘oooh where did you buy that?’ or ‘that must’ve taken ages to make.’ Once you’ve made one project, you’ll be raring to go on the next one!

6. It’s a skill that can be passed on

There’s nothing quite like taking up a hobby that can be passed on to your children and their children. Teaching someone else to sew is brilliant and in doing so, you’re imparting all of the benefits that you’ve read in this post on to them. You could have sewing afternoons, starting with super simple projects and working your way up to larger joint projects. A joint memory quilt would be so special.

7. You can create unique projects

There’s nothing quite like creating a project that is 100% unique and personal to you. Sure, following a dress pattern means that you might be creating a dress in a style similar to hundreds of others, but with your own fabrics, embellishments and customisation, the finished article will be completely yours. It’s even better when you’re creating a gift for someone else. It just means so much more when it’s totally personal, so make sure you add a little unique touch on everything you create.

8. It’s great for your wellbeing

Taking the time out to embark on a new project and wind down with your needle and thread can be so therapeutic. It can help you to de-stress, relieve any bad moods and make you reassess the problems in our lives. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, researchers have seen emotional benefits from just a single session of creativity and cumulative benefits from regular engagement, which is the perfect excuse to dabble!

9. It’s a way to generate a bit of income

There are so many ways to sell your own handmade goods now, from craft markets to online stores, so once you’ve mastered your sewing and you’ve got some staple projects that you can make in batch, you can try your hand at selling them. You could even offer a bit of personalisation for an extra cost, be it with specific fabrics used, or embroidered monograms or names.

10. It can help to fight dementia

Sewing is a craft that keeps the brain moving. With all of the maths, fine details and fiddly patterns will make sure your mind is focused and active, which will help to fight off dementia in the long run. Again, this is something that won’t be visible overnight, but in the long run, you’ll be so thankful for picking up sewing as a hobby.

We hope that this post has inspired you to start sewing! If you’re already a sewist, why don’t you tell us what you love about sewing on Facebook UKFacebook USA,  TwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion. Be sure to show us your projects too!

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