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5 Answers to Questions about the 12×12 Fab File

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

Who should use the 12×12 Fab File for paper storage and organization?

The obvious answer to the question is, of course, everyone with 12×12 paper!  However, the 12×12 Fab File isn’t the ideal tool for you if you have a dedicated craft room and you only craft at home.  Now that I’ve told you who shouldn’t use the 12×12 Fab File, let’s talk about who should.

The 12×12 Fab File is perfect for crafters who have to put all of their supplies away when they’re done crafting.  This generally means you don’t have a dedicated craft space so storing things that are clearly labeled and easily transportable is really important.  The 12×12 Fab File is easy to pull off a shelf or out of a closet and carry to the dining room table or pack into your crop tote for a craft event.

The locking lid is ideal for crafters who are constantly moving supplies around, helping to prevent spilling or damage.

12x12 Organizer locking tab

Where does the 12×12 Fab File Fit?

The 12×12 Fab File has an exterior dimension of 12 7/8″ x 13 1/8 x 2 1/8.

You can fit 6 – 12×12 Fab Files into:
– an IKEA Expedit cube.
– an IKEA Kallax cube.
– a Big Box craft store white cube

A folding/rolling crate from Office Depot will hold 7 – 12×12 Fab Files.

Organize with IKEA Kallax
Rolling tote 7 12x12 Fab Files

How much paper will the 12×12 Fab File hold?

This question is a little trickier than it sounds.  Paper, especially crafting paper – cardstock, glitter paper, vellum, velvet,- comes in a huge variety of weights.  It seems crazy but heavy card stock can be twice as thick as lightweight paper.  A good rule of thumb is about 200 sheets of paper per inch or 100 sheets of heavy cardstock.

The 12×12 Fab File has an interior width of just under 2″ – so around 375 sheets of paper or 180 sheets of cardstock.  This doesn’t include space for the divider pockets.  If you’re using all 5 divider pockets, they’ll take up about 1/4″ of space.

168 sheets of cardstock in 1 12x12 Fab File
Organize cardstock 168 Sheets Fab File 12x12

Why is the 12×12 Fab File better than the Paper Handler?

It’s not! They’re two different tools that do a similar job.  As I mentioned above, a crafter who needs to “secure” her/his supplies after each use will love the 12×12 Fab File.  The Paper Handler will work better for someone who has a craft room but ALSO likes to attend crops and classes.  The Paper Handler easily fits on a shelf, can be taken to an event, but doesn’t fully close up.

Fab File or Paper Handler 12x12

Why is storing your “kits” in a 12×12 Fab File a great idea?

If you’ve taken any of my classes, you’ve heard “Keep things together you use together” more than once.

If you belong to a monthly kit club, you want to keep all the pieces of those kits together – at least until you use the majority of the pieces.  The 12×12 Fab File is the perfect size for most monthly papercrafting kits. Put a representation or reminder about the kit into the appropriate section of your 4 Section System and then store the kits vertically on your shelf.  Once you’ve used up the kit, the 12×12 Fab File can be used for the next kit that arrives at your doorstep.

Organize 12x12 Scrapbook Kits

Another thing you’ve probably heard me say is, “Use your stuff!”  Most of us have enough supplies that we could craft a little every day and NEVER run out of stuff.  Use your stuff whenever you get a chance.  I used a couple of the football embellishments from this collection to make a cute, fast, easy label for my Fab File.  Yay me!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  If you have questions, comments, or ideas about how to use our 12×12 Fab File, I hope you’ll take a minute to leave a comment in the box below.

Happy Crafting!

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