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Free delivery available on orders over £20

5 ways to use our 5x7 Stamp Pockets

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You know our 5x7 Stamp Pockets are ideal for stamp storage. Plus, you probably also know they fit perfectly into either our 5x7 Fab File or Karen Buddy Bag.

If you follow us on FBInstagram, or Pinterest you've probably heard that our 5x7 magnetic sheets fit into these pockets too, but did you know they can be used for other things as well?

Organize all the parts for card kits, but keep them all together.

Organize card making supplies by theme in the 5x7 Stamp Pocket from Totally-Tiffany

Planning card making projects or organizing card making kit pieces - is simple when you separate out the pieces included in the kit into individual pockets.

When you have time to put the cards together you'll be able to pull individual pieces out easily.

This card kit had background pieces, sentiments, and other accessories. I put each into a separate pocket with a label.

I like to use our small Shut Your Flap tabs to label my pockets.  When the contents of the pocket change, I can easily change the label.

The color of the tab gives a little pop of color to each pocket

5x7 Card Making, stamp organizer, embellishment organizer, SP5pk, MD29,

Once they're loaded, you can pop them into a Desk Maid Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer, or into your Ditto Planner Organizer Bag.

Perfect for Planner Supplies

Organize planner supplies with Totally-Tiffany pockets, SP5PK

Ideal for small planner accessories.

Things like inspiration cards, tabs, stickers, stamps sets, stencils - they'll all find a nice neat tidy home in these pockets.

Label the tab on each pocket for easy access to the planner supplies you use the most.  I even store my Diamond Press die folders in one of my pockets.

Planner Supply Organizer by Totally-Tiffany, DSST
Planner Junkie supply tote

Great for Memento Storage

5x7 tabbed divider pocket is ideal for Memento storage, Totally-Tiffany SP5Pk

If you've collected tickets, coasters, postcards, and other small mementos from a trip or event, try storing them all together in one of these handy pockets.

I like to use the pockets for dividers between each event.  I label the pocket with the event/location/attraction and then fill it with mementos.

I store the pockets in a 5x7 Fab File. After printing the pictures I add them to the labeled section in the Fab File.  When I'm ready to scrap that event everything is together.

You'll love them for dimensional embellishments.

If you're a card maker you'll love sorting your dimensional embellishments into these protective pockets.

Label them by theme or event for easy access later.

I also have a set of pockets in a 5x7 Fab File with often used sentiment stickers - Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, etc.

5x7 tabbed divider pockets for scrapbooking and cardmaking organization, Totally-Tiffany SP5PK

Great for bling or other small embellishments too.

Mary Fish, Stampin' Up, Organized with Totally-Tiffany

Stampin' Up demonstrator Mary Fish uses these pockets to keep her embellishments organized by color and type.

Each pocket is labeled with a label maker and then stored neatly filed away in her drawer.

You'll be surprised at the other places in your home/office you'll find to use these handy pockets.  They're the perfect size for money and receipts, so if you practice the Dave Ramsey envelope method, or you like to clip coupons - you'll find these especially handy.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Happy Crafting,

T Totally-Tiffany Logo, Pink Block ini
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