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How to craft Tri-Fold Aperture Cards

  1. Read time: 5 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Craft fun and unique cards that open from both sides to reveal messages and the cutest characters with the Gemini Tri-Fold Aperture Collection!

These cards look so professional and unusual but they’re actually really simple to make! Read on for step-by-step instructions for all ability of crafter.

What are Tri-Fold Cards?

Tri-Fold Aperture cards feature fronts that open out from either side to show your chosen message and design.

The Gemini Tri-Fold Aperture collection includes a range of stamp and die sets to create this effect. Each set includes both a small and a large aperture die, to cut windows into each side to create a staggered tunnel look.

With sweet sentiments and the most adorable illustrated furry friends,  this papercraft collection includes everything you need to build and decorate your own Tri-Fold Aperture card.

Are they easy to make?

Full step-by-step instructions are included, so all abilities are able to craft these eye-catching and dimensional cards.

All you need is a Gemini die-cutting machine, card, inkpads and your chosen colouring medium!

How to make a Tri-Fold Aperture card

Here’s a handy guide to take you through each step to create a Tri-Fold Aperture card:

  • Take a piece of cardstock measuring 12″ x 6″ and score at 4″ and 6″ on the long edge
  • Fold the right and left panel towards the centre to create a Tri-Fold card base
  • If you like, cut patterned paper to size and attach to the card front and interior for decoration
  • Open the card black, fold the left panel over the centre panel. Position and secure the largest aperture die onto the left panel with low-tack tape as shown in the image
  • With the die secured open up the card blank and following the instructions in your manual, pass it through your Gemini die cutting machine to die cut the first aperture
  • Fold the right panel over the centre panel, then fold the die-cut left panel over the top. Use the left panel aperture as a guide to position the smaller aperture die onto the right panel as shown.
  • Secure the die with low tack tape, open the card blank and die cut using your Gemini Die Cutting machine
  • Align and stamp the images designed to fit with the die-cut apertures and colour according to your own style!
  • Decorate your card using the sentiment and embellishment stamps

The Gemini Tri-Fold Aperture Collection

With so many cute furry and feathered friends, sweet decorations and fun sentiments – this collection has a set for every occasion!

Birthday Bunny

The Birthday Bunny set includes 10 stamps and dies to create a Trifold Aperture card with a cute pair of rabbits, one sitting by each window.  Plus bunting, presents, balloons, stars and sentiments including ‘To somebunny special’ and ‘Hoppiest of birthdays to you’. This set is ideal for birthdays and celebrations.

You Mean So Much

In the You Mean so Much set you will receive 13 stamps and dies to create a Trifold Aperture card with a cute pair of elephants, one looking through each window.  Plus butterflies, hearts, flowers and sentiments including ‘You mean so much to me’ and ‘I can’t wait to see your face again’.

You Have My Heart

Inside the You Have my Heart set you’ll find 9 stamps and dies to create a Trifold Aperture card with a cute pair of owls, one passing a heart to another through the windows.  Also included are romantic sentiments such as ‘I’m owl yours’ and ‘You have my heart’.

You’ve Been on My Mind

The You’ve Been on My Mind set includes 11 stamps and dies to create a Trifold Aperture card with three beautiful butterflies, one on either side of the windows, and one in the middle. Plus wildflower decorations and  sentiments including ‘You’ve been on my mind’ and ‘Sending so much love’. Everything you need for a thoughtful any-occasion card.

Peeking in to Say Hello

With Peeking in to Say Hello set you’ll receive 11 stamps and dies to create a Trifold Aperture card with a cute kitten next to one window and a flourishing hanging basket next to the other.  With paw print and plant decorations plus sentiments including ‘Happy new home’ and ‘With you is the purrfect place to be’, this set is perfect for new home cards.

Best Buddy

The Best Buddy set includes 14 stamps and dies to create a Trifold Aperture card with a cute pair of puppies next to each window.  With paw print and bone decorations plus  sentiments including ‘You’re my best buddy’ and ‘Yappy Birthday’. This set is perfect for birthdays and celebrations!

We can’t wait to see your makes with the Gemini Tri-Fold Aperture Collection!  So, make sure you share your project photos with us on Facebook UKFacebook USATwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion

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