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How to create quilled flowers

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

It’s officially summer! The sun is shining and gardens around the world are now in full bloom! From roses to peonies, dahlias and lavender, the bright colours and delightful floral scents are finally here.

If you’re looking for a way to display these beautiful florals in your papercrafting projects without the risk of them dying, then we can help!

Follow our guide below and create your very own quilled flowers. 


You will need:

For the card:

  • Sharon Callis Garden Florals 3D Embossing Folder – Ornate
  • White Multi-Purpose Card
  • 1 Piece of Coloured Card 
  • Pebeo Gilding Wax Empire Gold – 30ml pot



For the flowers:

  • 2 strips of Multi-Purpose card measuring 9 x 3” (for the petals and the leaves)
  • Collall All-Purpose Glue
  • Collall 80ml 3D Glue Gel

Making your card:

  1. Take a piece of white multi-purpose card measuring 4.5 x 6” and place it inside of your chosen embossing folder. We’ve used the Sharon Callis Garden Florals 3D Embossing Folder – Ornate.
  1. Place this between your clear-cutting plates and pass through your Gemini Die Cutting and Embossing Machine with the Gemini Magnetic Shim between the bottom plate and the embossing folder. If using the Gemini ll or another die-cutting machine, please follow the plate combination instructions in your user guide. 
  1. Once your embossed design has been revealed, take your gilding wax and with your finger, spread this evenly around the edges of your card. (top tip: a little goes a long way!)
  1. Grab a piece of card measuring approximately 5 x 7” and adhere your embossed card to this using the Crafter’s Companion Tape Pen to form a border for your embossed design.
  1. Add your sentiments of choice and get ready to make your flowers!

Crafting your quilled flowers: 

  1. Take two pieces of coloured multi-purpose card measuring 9 x 3”. These are for your leaves and petals, so we’d recommend a nice shade of green, and your chosen petal colour. 
  1. Take your metal dies (we’ve used the Champagne Rose pack by Sharon Callis) and place these over your coloured card of choice.
  1. Place both of these inside of your cutting plates, with the magnetic shim and plastic shim under this. Pass them through your Gemini Cutting Machine, leaving you with perfectly die-cut leaves and a string of petals. Your plate combinate may differ with different die-cutting machines. Please check your user guide to be certain. 
  1. Take the strip of die-cut petals and fold this in half along the bottom line, so you have round petal shapes on both sides. With your Fine Tip Glue Applicator, apply a thin line of glue along the line until the whole length is covered. 
  1. With your pokey tool, curl the edge of the line round, starting at one edge until you have a circular shape, bringing your petals together and forming your flower.
  1. Using the Collall 80ml 3D Glue Gel, stick your leaves and papercraft flower to the front of your card in your chosen arrangement. Your 3D quilled flowers are complete!

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