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How to use the Gemini Split Invitation Dies

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

One thing that we love almost as much as we love crafting is products with versatility. There is nothing better than having multi-purpose tools in your stash that can help you create a variety of looks, so this was the main inspiration when designing the Gemini Split Invitation Dies!

As the name would suggest, these dies are ideal for creating invitations, but there are a whole host of effects that can be achieved with very minimal effort. The two incredibly detailed panel dies allow you to put together papercrafts like the stunning invitations below, but we’re going to tell you about all the other things that these handy dies can do!

How to use the dies

In each of the Split Invitation sets, you receive nine dies:

  • Two decorative panel dies – these will cut in the intricate designs without cutting out a full panel shape
  • Four top edge and frame dies – these fit the decorative panels perfectly, so they can be used to cut them out
  • Three flap dies – these can be used along the sides of the decorative panels and the frame dies to add tabs to your panels. This is great if you want to create a pocket inside an invitation or card!

So if you simply want to cut in some delicate details on your project, you would only need to use one or both of the decorative panel dies on your cardstock.

If you wanted to create individual panels to use as embellishments or to create flaps (like in Craig’s video below), you would need to use the decorative panel dies with the top edge and frame dies taped around them.

To create a pocket, you would need to use the decorative panel die, a top edge die and the flap dies. This would cut out a panel with extra tabs that you can fold back and stick down to make a pocket with one open end.

If you need a more visual explanation, take a look at Craig Laird’s demonstration below (he begins using the dies at around 5 minutes). He also gives a detailed explanation of the types of Gemini cutting sandwiches that work best with these dies.

Other ways to use the dies

  • Create a pocket in your invitations to hold an RSVP
  • Add a coloured or patterned background to the decorative panels by cutting out pieces with the frame and top edge dies
  • Use them to cut elegantly delicate pieces from acetate or vellum
  • Create gatefold cards by cutting out two large decorative panels with bottom tabs, and adhering the to opposite edges of a card piece
  • Cut in decorative designs to cards, gift bags, bookmarks and more
  • Use them with an embossing mat rather than a shim to emboss the design into a panel
  • Add detail to gift boxes by cutting out decorative panels by using the top edge and frame dies, and adhering the panels around the edge
  • Create detailed die cut elements for matting and layering. Cut decorative panels out, then use shape dies, such as the Stitch Edge Circle Dies, to cut the design into a dainty shape

The designs

There are five different designs to choose from, but each of them are exquisite in their own unique way.

Entwined Vines will odd an opulent touch to your cards with its stunning, baroque design and incredible, swirling vines and foliage.

Roses in Bloom will turn your papercrafts into a beautiful, floral fantasy with its gorgeous rose outlines, foliage details and contemporary look.

Regal Lattice will take your papercrafts to royal heights, thanks to its detailed trellis design, baroque swirls and eye-catching cross hatches.

The clue is in the name for Elegant Swirls! This set is Cinderella-esque and takes inspiration from wedding trellises, so the dies will create a fun and fancy look.

Opulent Henna features an amazing Far East-inspired design, with inspiration drawn from swirling and intricate henna tattoos.

With so much variety between the designs, we know that it’s difficult to choose just one! While they are all different, they can easily be paired up with a selection of paper, card and embellishments to make them suitable for any occasion. They’d be especially brilliant for birthday, wedding, Christening, baby shower and anniversary crafts!

With so many ways to use these dies, we’re pretty certain that you can come up with a new method of crafting with them! Make sure you show us how you use your Split Invitation Dies
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