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The beginner's guide to fastenings

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

If you’re new to sewing or simply want to brush up on your knowledge, check out Bernie Corner’s guide to fastenings from Issue 15 of Sew Inspired!

Whether you’re a dressmaker or love making bags and cushions, you will almost certainly need a fastening of some description at some point. There are many different types available, however, it is always best to try to match the fastener to the project.


Zips are used for lots of projects, from dressmaking to bags and cushions. You can buy them at the exact size required or as a long length on a roll with multiple sliders. It has become popular in recent years for zips to show as a feature on a garment, but you can also buy invisible zips if you prefer not to have them on show.

Our Zips on a Roll are fabulous if you want to add a pop of colour to your projects and with so many shades available, we’re sure you’ll find something suitable.


One of the most common types of fastener is the good old-fashioned button. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even buy self-covering ones, so you can easily match your button to your project. With a button comes the dreaded buttonhole. Some people shy away from them, so if this sounds like you, dust off that buttonhole foot and have a practise. You’ll get the hang of it in no time at all and wonder why you didn’t use them sooner!

Hook & eyes

This type of fastening is traditionally used for clothing. The pieces have holes in each side where you normally sew them on by hand. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, so you can match them to your garment.

Hook & loop

Often referred to by a brand name, hook and loop is really handy for a quick fastening. There are two main types: sew in and non-sew. The non-sew type has adhesive on the back. It isn’t advisable to sew through the non-sew version as it can clog up your needle and possibly damage your machine.

Magnetic snaps

These are perfect for bags and purses, and are so easy to fit. You can buy them in different sizes, which are normally stated in millimetres.

If you’re keen to get started with bag making, have a look at our selection of magnetic snaps that promise to bring an incredible sense of quality to your creations.

Press studs

Press studs are another traditional style of fastening and are available in metal and plastic. They are most commonly used on clothing, however, you will often see plastic ones used on duvet covers.

If you think the press stud could be the fastening for you, we’ve got plenty to choose from to help you add the finishing touch to all of your projects.

D-rings and swivel hooks

Extra hardware on a bag can give that professional finish. These are also ideal for making other items such as key fobs and dog leads.

Take a look at our selection of D-rings and swivel hooks in various shades to find the perfect fastening for your next bag making project.

Choosing the right fastener is so important, so experiment with what is available and you will soon be adding them to all your makes. For your next sewing project, make sure you follow along with Bernie’s tips and you’ll be able to produce professional-quality projects!

For more hints and tips like this, be sure to check out the next issue of Sew Inspired.

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