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The sandwich menu - a guide to die-cutting and embossing sandwiches

  1. Read time: 7 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Roll up, roll up and view the sandwich menu! If you're hungry, you've come to wrong place because today, we're not serving up BLTs or Club sandwiches. Instead, we're giving you a handy guide to die-cutting and embossing sandwiches, so that you can create the most exquisite embellishments possible. We promise, they'll look almost good enough to eat!

In this guide, we'll be referring to our own Gemini range and the sandwich combinations that you should use, so if you own a different die-cutting machine, you may need to refer to the retailer's site. However, the combinations should be fairly similar across the board, so have a read and see if you can learn something new!

What are each of the plates for?

Let's start right at the beginning of the process and chat about each of the plates that you could be using. There are lots of different plates available and can be a little confusing when it comes to understanding each of their purposes, so take a look at this list for a bit of a breakdown.

  • Clear cutting plates - essentially, these are the slices of bread for your sandwich. You need two clear cutting plates, one for the top and one for the bottom, and these protect the contents of your sandwich and provide a surface for the die-cutting machine to press together.
  • Metal cutting plates - this is a type of shim that's perfect for more intricate dies. Imagine a pair of scissors and the two metal blades coming together for a crisp cut - that's how this shim works with metal dies! You'll see a much more defined cut with this plate included in your sandwich.
  • Plastic shims - this is a durable plate that adds an extra layer to your die-cutting sandwich, creating a better fit in the machine and a level surface.
  • Magnetic shims - like the plastic shim, this shim adds an extra layer into your sandwich, but as it's magnetic, it also helps to keep your dies in place while they're rolled through the machine.
  • Rubber embossing mats - this nifty mat allows you to use dies as embossing tools as it creates a softer impact. Instead of applying enough pressure for the die to cut through the card or paper, it reduces the pressure to result in an embossed image or pattern.

Each of these plates can be easily cared for by flipping after each use. Once they've been through the machine, flip them over and run them through again to avoid any sort of bowing.

Each of these plates are also available in the Gemini Junior accessory range, as well as the original Gemini range, so you can create incredible effects with either of the machines.

The sandwich menu

Now that you've got a bit of an idea about what each of the plates in our sandwich combos are for, it's time to browse the menu and select the sandwich that'll satisfy your crafting hunger.

Basic die-cutting sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > card/paper > die (cut side down) > magnetic shim> plastic shim > top clear cutting plate

This sandwich may be the most basic on the menu, but it's the most reliable and traditional, like a classic cheese and pickle or egg and cress. It's perfect for every day die-cutting!

Intricate die-cutting sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > metal cutting plate > card/paper > die (cut side down) > plastic shim > top clear cutting plate

This a slight variation on the basic sandwich that results in a fantastic die-cutting flavour sensation, like adding mustard into a simple ham sandwich. The addition of the metal cutting plate will result in much crisper cuts.

Embossing with dies sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > rubber embossing mat> card/paper > die (cut side down) > plastic shim > top clear cutting plate

Make the most of your dies by using this embossing sandwich. This one is a little bit different and isn't something that is used every day, almost like a sweet PB&J or a crisp sandwich.

Basic embossing folder sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > embossing folder with card/paper inside > top clear cutting plate

This sandwich is a 'what you see is what you get' kind of sandwich, like the humble tuna mayo. It has a minimal amount of elements to it, but it still works well!

3D embossing folder sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > magnetic shim > embossing folder with card/paper inside > plastic shim

With the extra filling from the magnetic shim and topped off with a plastic shim, this is a sandwich that will really work to press into all of the grooves to create your embossed effect.

Cut & emboss folder sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > metal cutting plate > cut & emboss folder with card/paper inside > top clear cutting plate

You would think that there weren't too many sandwich combinations for embossing folders, but with the addition of die-cutting parts, cut & emboss folders require something a little more. This is a specialised combo that's sturdy and results in crisp die-cuts, as well as strong embossed impressions.

Bonus sandwiches

You've reached the secret menu! On our bonus sandwich board today, we've got two extra special sandwiches - one for the FOILPRESS fans - the basic Foil Stamp Die sandwich, which is essential to know if you're going to be doing any sort of foiling, and one for the Double-Sided Dies.

Foil Stamp Die sandwich

Heated FOILPRESS platform > Foil Stamp Die (cut side up) > foil (coloured side down) > cardstock (with any pattern or finish face down) > FOILPRESS top plate

This is a sandwich that is tailor made for the FOILPRESS fans, who are the type of people that like a little extra pizzazz in their crafting. They might enjoy a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel or a cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off - it's a combo that's ideal for them!

This sandwich can also be used with Foil Stamp 'n' Cut Dies. You'd just need to follow the combo above, then use the die included in the set and switch to the basic die-cutting sandwich.

Double-Sided Die sandwich

Base clear cutting plate > Double-Sided Die Cutting Plate > card/paper > Double-Sided Die > card/paper > Double-Sided Die Cutting Plate > top clear cutting plate

This is a sandwich that features exclusive technology patented to Crafter's Companion, so it's something you won't find anywhere else, like a Big Mac (technically a sandwich, right?). It's pretty much a combination of regular plates, specialist plates and those fantastic, time-saving Double-Sided Dies.

Whether you're a beginner in the world of sandwiches or someone that just needed a bit of a refresher, we hope that this post has helped you in some way. Make sure that you bookmark it, so that you can easily return to the menu when you need that extra little bit of advice.

If you think we missed any vital sandwiches, make sure you let us know via
FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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