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Tutorial: Colouring with Spectrum Noir Colourblend Pencils

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: CraftersCompanion


It can be so rewarding and relaxing to spend time colouring, especially when you are colouring a great picture. Gemma Hynes has a great tutorial showing you how she coloured this lovely shoe using Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils from the Katy Sue Le Shoe colouring book. Wouldn’t this look amazing framed! Imagine your friend who just loves shoes hanging this along side their shoe storage! Or of course yours!


Picture 1

Step 1: Pick a pre shaded image and colour in sections

  • Colour the whole section in a light green
  • Add different tones/shades of green over the top, using a darker shade of green near the edges and in the pre shaded areas.
  • Apply a small amount of blending solution to a paper stump and blend all the colours together

Picture 2

picture 3

Step 2: Colour the whole shoe section with a light brown pencil

  • Using 1 or 2 darker shades of brown add some darker areas on the shoe, starting at the edges and working your way into the shoe, trying to keep the middle fairly light.
  • Taking a dark shade of brown colour in the very edges of the image and the pre shaded areas
  • Blend the colours together using the blending solution and a paper stump.

picture 4

Step 3: Using the same green pencils as before, apply the colours to the bow in the same way as before, starting with the lightest green first and shading in the edges and pre shaded areas with the darkest. Blend together using the blending solution and a paper stump.

Picture 5

Step 4: Using the pre shaded areas on the flowers as guides, start with a light pink/red pencil and colour in the areas on the flower that would be lightest.

  • Taking a darker shade of red add colour from the centre of the petals, almost all the way to the other edges, remembering to leave some light areas.
  • Using an even darker, deeper shade of red, apply colour along some of the edges and in the areas with the most shading
  • Blend all the colours together with blending solution and a paper stump.

Picture 6

Step 5: Using some very sharp grey pencils colour in the chain, applying a darker shade of grey to the edges before blending them together with blending solution and a paper stump.

Picture 7

Step 6: Take three different shades of yellow and apply the lightest to all the feathers and the shoe fixings.

  • Using the next darkest shade of yellow and apply colour along the tips of the feathers, working slightly towards the centres, and in areas that are behind other elements on the shoe like the flowers.
  • Using the darkest shade of yellow/orange apply colour just on the very edges and the darkest to the pre shaded areas.
  • Blend them all in with blending solution and a paper stump.

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