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Tutorial: Grandfather Clock

  1. Read time: 6 minutes
  2. Written by: admin

SarahJayne has made an absolutely stunning grandfather clock using the new Big Score double-sided large format scoring board, and created a tutorial to share how she did it!

SLC Grandfather Clock WM

Read on to see how she’s made this gorgeous project!

Crafter’s Companion Big Score
A3 Centura Pearl Card (Hint of Silver)
A4 Centura Pearl card (Hint of silver)
Decadence Die’sire Die
Ivy Die’sire die
Fence Die’sire Die
Collall: 3D Gel, All Purpose Glue, Tacky Glue
Core’dinations Card & Sander
Extras: Clock Mechanism, Flowers & accessories



Step 1: Base Box: Using full sheets of A4 Card, score at 1” to make a box lid & box base. (You can either leave this as a box to add a card or use 3D gel around inside edge of the lid so that it will stay closed.)

Step 2: Second layer base box: Using Full sheet of A4 Card score at 2” to make a box lid & box base, again you can leave open or seal with 3d Gel.

I used Collall Tacky Glue to make the card into boxes. Then use Collall All Purpose Glue to stick the base of the second box to the lid of the first box.


Step 3: Pillar Box: Using A3 card, score ½” along the long-side at top & bottom & then the short-side score at 4”, 8”, 12” & 16”. It will leave a small amount left over, leave this on as this will be used to hold your pillar.

Where the folds are, cut a slit so that when you make the card into a pillar they will fold over to stick to the base, & clock face boxes. Now use Collall Tacky glue & fold the flaps & secure with a peg until dry. Use Collall All Purpose Glue to stick on top of the second base layer.

3 4













Step 4: Box Ledge: (make two) for underneath and on top of the Clock Face, using two sheets of A4 Centura Pearl card. Cut both sheets to measure 8 ½” x 5 ½” and score at ½” all the way around. Again use Collall Tacky Glue to make the box ledge and use Collall All Purpose Glue to stick it to the top of the pillar.

Step 5: Clock Face Fancy Panel: Cut and emboss the Decadence die onto a piece of card stock of your choice. Then using Tacky Glue, add it another piece of co-coordinating card and place to one side to dry.


Step 6: Card Face Box: Now using two A4 sheets of card, cut to 7” high along the short-side, giving you a piece of card that is approx 7” x 11 ½”. Now score the card ½ inch at the top & bottom of the long-side and then score at 4” 11” again. It will leave a small strip which you will use to attach the two pieces together. Repeat on your second piece of card.

Step 7: Inside one panel you have just scored that measures 7”, use Tacky Glue and add the Clock Face Fancy Panel you made using the Decadence die. Make a hole in the centre of the Decadence die.


Step 8: Inside the second sheet of card with the 7” panel cut, out a square that measures approx 3 ½” (You don’t have to be exact as this is just the opening for you to change the battery when needed).


Step 9: Making up the clock face: Now using Collall Tacky Glue stick one of the tabs to the inside of the second piece of card so it gives you a long piece of card that now measures approx 23”.


Step 10: Inserting the clock: With Collall 3D Gel, use some on the front of your clock mechanism to attach it to the card with the Decadence die card, so that the clock shows through to the outside. (Leave to dry before you attach your clock hands).


Step 11: Now using Collall Tacky Glue fold the card so it makes your square shape & snip the ½” score lines so you can repeat the Pillar Box steps to secure it to the Box Ledge.

Step 12: Box Ledge: When you made the two box ledges this is now where you use Collall All Purpose Glue to attach to the top of the Clock Face box.


Step 13: Clock Door: Cut out a piece of Centura Pearl card to measure 5” X 6”. Use your scoring board to go all around the card to give it a bevel & professional finished effect, then again use your lines to mark the hinge to make it open & use Collall All Purpose Glue to stick to your box.


Step 14: To make the latch I twisted some jewellery wire with pearls & used a brad to secure it to the door. I used a glass flower to attach so I could wrap the wire around to keep the door closed.

Step 15: Clock Crown: I used the full Decadence Die’sire die on Centura Pearl ‘Hint of Silver’. After I cut it out & embossed it I used Collall Tacky Glue to stick it onto another piece of card, then cut corner to corner on the angle & used Collall All Purpose Glue to stick it to the front & back outside of the box ledge. I then used the inside of the Decadence die cut, embossed it and added to more Centura Pearl to stick to the sides.

Now your template is ready to be decorated! I used the Ivy Die’sire die & draped it around the top and down the sides, then added flowers and gems. I used Collall 3D Gel to attach the flowers and Collall All Purpose Glue to attach the vines

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