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Monday Makers

Make Mondays marvelous with Monday Makers! Watch as we launch the 24 hour deal, meet fellow crafters from around the world and so much more. We might even get a bit competitive in Craft Wars, a game of crafting against the clock. It's the perfect way to start your week!


Mondays - 4PM-6PM UK | 11AM-1PM ET | 8AM-10AM PT

John Scott's Sewing World

Dive into the world of stitching with John Scott's Sewing World! He'll be bringing you the latest products, fabulous fabric collections, brilliant designers and demonstrations. Whether you're a sewing beginner or expert, this is the show for you!


Tuesdays - 8AM-12PM UK | 4AM-8AM ET  | 12AM-5AM PT

Launch Party

Tuesdays are going to be a blast! Explore our latest crafting products, get lightyears ahead with sneak peeks at future launches and grab some deals that are out of this world.


Tuesdays - 4PM-6PM UK | 11AM-1PM ET | 8AM-10AM PT

Creative Cravings

Craving something creative in your life? Join us for a beginner's look at your crafty options, plus easy demos and essential bundles to get you started and take the guess work out of your first project. Let's explore the amazing world of crafting!


Wednesdays - 4PM-6PM UK | 11AM-1PM ET | 8AM-10AM PT


Stop, drop and shop during our weekly Cartload show! With exclusive deals and huge savings, you'll be able to sit back, load up on products and get your next Crafter's fix in the comfort of your own home.


Thursdays - 7PM-9PM UK | 2PM-4PM ET | 11AM-1PM PT

The Craft House

There's always room for one more in The Craft House! Join us as we invite our friends to pop by with their top products, hints and tips. You never know - you might discover your new favourite brand. Crafty friends are the best!


Fridays - 4PM-6PM UK | 11AM-1PM ET | 8AM-10AM PT

First Friday of each month.

Sew Good

Get your monthly needlecraft fix all sewn up with Sew Good! Every show, our stitching star, Jen Tryon, will be talking you through a quick project, checking in with the 'sew'cial sew-along and welcoming a special guest. It's a must-watch for all fabric fans!



First Saturday of each month.