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Look out for us on Christmas Day!!!

Well what a laugh we had today… (I must say, I have a laugh every time I get to work with the infamous Mister May!)

He was just being silly while we were waiting around (oops, I mean planning and preparing) before the show…

We had an awesome crew on the job though!So i’ll let you into a little secret… we stayed behind tonight to record a show to be broadcast on Christmas day… (come on, you didn’t really think we were in the studio’s recording live every year on Christmas day did you???). In fairness, it is the only day of the year that Ideal towers closes down for the day and we go to tape, and I look forward all year to recording the show! And today definitely didn’t disappoint!Now you’ll have to tune in on Christmas day to see what we got up to, but I can tell you it’s definitely worth seeing (or at least recording for viewing at a later date if you’re busy that day! 🙂 ) All I can say is the pretendy-champagne was dreadful…

Although I have to say it doesn’t stop Nig from downing several glasses in one go on air!!! And didn’t we look festive in our getup!
But I do put our Nigel to work (it wasn’t all play and no work!) and I’ve got him on demonstrating exactly how to use the Ultimate Pro – so if you want to find out more, watch out for the show, coming to a channel near you on Christmas day!!