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Sara here… Back from my Hols!


Evening everyone… I’ve just got myself settled ready for a (relatively) early night here in Peterborough and thought I’d take 5 to update you on my awesome holiday and upcoming week!

I just landed back in Newcastle in the early hours of this morning (we took the ‘cheapie’ overnight flight, so I can honestly say I’ve had barely a few hours sleep, so if you see me looking a bit tired tomorrow then you know why!!). I’ve had a quick turnaround at home, took the folks out for dinner to celebrate fathers day, then headed straight down to Peterborough as I’ve got some exciting shows tomorrow as we’re launching an awesome 4-Day-Deal with The Ultimate Pro.

So I’ve spent the last few hours preparing my demonstrations for tomorrows shows (I’m launching at 8am with Leonie, then on again at 1pm with Dawn – or so the C&C app tells me anyway!). I’ve decided to go right back to basics at 8am so anyone who has the Ultimate and could do with a bit of a refresher, or doesn’t have it, and wants it explaining to them from the start, then make sure you set your sky+ for the 8am show! Then hopefully as the shows progress throughout the week, I’ll take the demo’s more and more advanced.

I promise to blog in between the shows when I get chance, so if there’s any projects I’ve covered that had specific measurements, then I’ll make a note of them on here to save you getting pens and paper out to take notes! 🙂

So i’ll see you all at 8am in the morning – but please do forgive the massive bags I’ll no doubt be sporting under my eyes! I did have a fabulous holiday – I haven’t got the official pics downloaded from the camera yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to put them up on Facebook for you all to see! I was over in Olu Deniz in Turkey with the girls for our annual girly week away! The weather was fabulous (as you would expect!) and I’ve just had an amazing relaxy time hanging out with the girlies.

Oh and I bumped into a lovely lady while I was away called Ann Welsh, who asked me to pass on a top tip to everyone who has a Grand Calibur machine… Apparently she says that tumble dryer sheets work way better than grease proof paper. (I’ll be honest, I use the Cuttlebug mainly so I didn’t really know what she was talking about, but all you Spellbinders enthusiasts out there will no doubt understand!)

Right, I’m off to bed! Absolutely cream crackered and early start tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy the shows!

Sara xxx

Location:Crafter’s Companion Peterborough HQ 😉