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Sara’s Day at the Olympics


Hey everyone – I’m finally getting chance to share some of my piccies with you from the Olympic weekend!

First of all, we had a fantastic night on Saturday with my sister – we went to her friends house for a lovely meal, then for a couple of drinks in Leamington-Spa.

But we were careful not to be too late back as we had a 6am start the next morning ready to go to the Olympics to see the fencing. Except (as those of you who follow my Facebook posts will already know!) I never actually made it to the Olympics… 🙁 no instead I spent the morning with lots of lovely people from the AA having my car pumped because some idiot (namely me!) put petrol in the car instead of diesel!

So I spent Sunday afternoon lying on Helen’s couch feeling sorry for myself that I missed the Fencing! Meera and Vivek got back around 6ish and the plan had been to have a BBQ however the rain put kibosh to that…!

So another early night, and another early start on Monday morning to drive, tube and walk to the Olympic village…

The stadium was fabulous to see in real life… And you cant believe how big it is! It is way bigger than it looks on the telly!

And I still don’t know what the helter-skelter is for, but it looks very impressive in real life!

And we also saw where all the athletes are staying…

Then this is us outside the basketball arena queuing to get in…

We had tickets for the ladies games of France v Australia and then Brazil v Russia. Our seats were unbelieveable!

I am ashamed to say I could only name about two thirds of the countries who’s flags were represented…

This was the winning basket from the French captain – Celine Dumerc (I think I’ve spelt that right!) she was unbelieveable!

The French won, and it was an incredibly tight game, and coming from someone who had absolutely no understanding of the rules of basketball before the Olympics started I can tell you I really enjoyed it!

So that was my day at the Olympics – if you get chance to go I would really recommend it – I’m so pleased I took the day out to go – even just seeing the Olympic village and feeling the buzz was incredible!

So now I’m just at Ideal World in between shows – my only day doing POW shows, so I’m making the most of it!

Sara xxx

Location:Olympic Village, London