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Make a Mug Rug!

Mike Berry – 02/12/18

This tutorial will show you how to create adorable hexagonal “mug rugs”… fabric coasters that are perfect for gift giving throughout the year! Holiday and seasonal fabrics look cute with this project, or you can select fabrics to match your décor or customise for the recipient.

Materials needed:

3″ (or larger) scraps of fabric to cut six 1″ hexagons for the outer part of the mug rug and one 1″ hexagon for the center.
One six-inch square piece of felt in a coordinating color
Thread for piecing and quilting
Threaders Nesting Hexagon Die – 1 1⁄4″
Gemini or Gemini Junior

Cutting the Fabric

Gemini with fabric
1. Use the 1 1⁄4″ hexagon die and the Gemini machine to cut six outer hexagons and one inner hexagon for one mug.
2. Use a rotary cutter and mat to cut one 6″ square piece of felt.

Sewing the Mug Rug

snowflake fabric
1. Place an outer hexagon and the center hexagon right sides together. Align the edges on one side of the center hexagon. Sew using 1⁄4″ seam.

2. Open and press the sewn hexagons. Lay an adjacent outer hexagon right sides together with the centre hexagon and sew. Be sure not to cross over the previous seam. Open the hexagons and finger press the seam.

Note in the picture above that the first outer hexagon (dark blue snowflake print) is pressed away from the centre (light blue) hexagon. It overhangs the right side of the presser foot by quite a bit as we begin to attach the adjacent outer hexagon to the centre.

3. Sew the two outer hexagon’s right sides together along their shared sides. Be sure not to cross over the previous seam. (Stop sewing at the red circle shown above, where the outer hexagons meet at the centre hexagon).

4. Continue sewing the outer hexagons to the centre hexagon following steps 2 and 3 until all six outer hexagons are attached to the centre and sewn to each other.

5. Press well.

6. Place the completed hexagon top right sides together on the square of felt and pin in place.

7. Leaving an opening to turn the piece inside out, sew around the outer edge of the hexagons about 1/4″ from the edge.

8. Trim felt down, clip corners and flip the piece inside out.

9. Press well, fold unfinished edge and under and top stitch about 1/8″ from the outer edge.

What will you create?

These “mug rugs” would be perfect wrapped up with a mug and packet of hot cocoa (or your favourite tea)… what will you create? Visit us on Facebook to share your makes, or share on instagram with the #crafterscompanion tag so we can see what you’re creating!