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8 Scrapbook Essentials

  1. Read time: 9 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Scrapbooking is a fun craft and a great way to creatively preserve special memories, photographs, and moments. From documenting milestones to looking back on trips and welcoming new additions to remembering loved ones, scrapbooking is the perfect way to explore your creative side. 

It’s a versatile hobby with so many different ways to get crafty – from minimalistic layouts to multi-layered and colourful creations. Here are our favourite scrapbook essentials to get you started.

What’s the difference between photo albums and scrapbooks?

Although the intent of photo albums and scrapbooks is the same – to preserve memories for years to come – there are differences between the two. Photo albums only offer space for photographs. They can be different sizes for different sized pictures but they offer very little in terms of customisation.

Scrapbooks on the other hand are designed to preserve more than just photos, offering you the space and flexibility to create layouts for all kinds of memories and moments. Photos, tickets, mementoes, and notes can all be memorialised in a scrapbook. 

A scrapbook, in addition to pictures, includes notes, quotes, and other elements that tell the story behind the photos. This information is added so you remember as much as possible about the special day and the events that took place. On the other hand, photo albums only show off the snaps, sometimes along with the date and place the photo was taken.

How do I begin scrapbooking?

In order to create beautiful scrapbook pages, you’ll need a few things to get started. The following essential tools for scrapbooking will help you create stunning spreads and lovely layouts to showcase your favourite memories.

1. A scrapbook, binder, or album

The first essential will, of course, be the book to use for your scrapbook. You can buy specially-made scrapbooks but any kind of binder, album or even ring-bound sketchbook will work. Make sure you find the right size and shape to match your design, occasion, or theme.

2. A collection of mementoes

Gather together all of the photographs and memories you want to include in the scrapbook. These can be anything you like but here is a list of potential items you might want to keep. 

  • Photographs of favourite trips, events, celebrations or special people 
  • Tickets 
  • Menus
  • Place settings 
  • Maps 
  • Flyers
  • Wristbands
  • Labels 

We can’t tell you exactly what to save, but if you think it will make an interesting layout, or it holds a particularly good memory, save it for the scrapbook!

3. Coloured card and patterned paper

For creating detailed backgrounds and layered elements, you can use patterned paper and coloured card to keep the design cohesive. Use to create borders, frames, and other decorations and pair with sentiment dies to cut out meaningful messages that match your theme.

  • Paper pads are available in a variety of different sizes and themes and are filled with beautiful patterns and illustrations. 
  • Cardstock is available in all sorts of different colours and patterns but also include different textures and effects. Choose from Pearlescent Card, Linen Card, Textured Card, Metallic, and Glitter Card to offer your layouts more dimension.
  • If you’re on the lookout for something a bit more delicate, vellum is an excellent choice. The see-through patterned material is really versatile and can be used for all kinds of different layers and decorative elements.

4. Glue

An absolute must-have, you can’t stick down all those wonderful memories without some kind of adhesive. Here are some of our top recommendations.

  • Crafter’s Companion Glue Tape Pen is easy to use and is ideal for sticking down photos and other elements so they sit perfectly flush with the page. It is acid-free so won’t damage your card or paper and is perfect for attaching small elements with a strong bond 
  • Collall Photoglue is a quick-drying, acid-free glue that doesn’t shrink and can be repositioned. This 100ml bottle of glue adheres cleanly and seamlessly to paper, card, textile, and leather. If you decide to move the element, you can peel it off and rub off any remaining glue. Make sure you test this glue on a small area that won’t be seen first to make sure it doesn’t stain. This also applies to photographs – perfect for laying out your favourite snaps!.
  • For layouts that have 3D elements, you’ll want to use Foam Pads.  Use these sticky foam pads to give elements a lift and add dimension to your page. They’re easy to use but not repositionable so make sure you 

For more information about types of glues and their uses, check out our handy guide to the Different Types of Craft Glue.

5. Scissors and cutting tools

Scissors and cutting tools are a must-have in any craft kit. How else will you trim down all those lovely elements to make sure they fit perfectly?

No craft kit is complete without a pair of good all-rounder scissors. Crafter’s Companion 6” Straight Scissors are the perfect all-rounder and can be used for larger elements and small detailed work alike. 

For more detailed work, look no further than the Crafter’s Companion 45 Precision Snips. The fine, straight-edged blades make these the ideal small scissors for high precision crafts.

For cutting out items with perfectly straight lines, using scissors can be difficult. Instead, pick up the Crafter’s Companion Guillotine paper trimmer. This trimmer comes with a built-in measuring guide to help you cut out backgrounds, borders, and straight lines with unparalleled accuracy.

Craft knives are extremely useful additions to your craft kit as they can be used for the finest detail work to make precise shapes with intricate designs that you wouldn’t be able to create with scissors. Pick up the Crafter’s Companion Softgrip Craft Knife and some replacement blades for your scrapbook project. 

If you want to cut out delicate images and words, a die cutting machine will do that for you with ease. The Gemini Mini is perfect for beginners and has a range of perfectly sized alphabet and image dies to include in your scrapbook layouts. 

6. Pens and Markers

Ideal for creating beautifully lettered titles, messages, and memories, you’ll need some pens and markers in your collection. Our range of fun pens and markers from Spectrum Noir allows you to experiment with different styles to match your theme. 

For thin lines and clean, precise work that won’t bleed or smudge, Spectrum Noir’s Artliner fine line pens are the perfect craft kit addition.

If you’re more into adding swathes of gorgeous colour to images and drawings, the Illustrator Markers might be perfect for you. The brush nib of these dual-tip alcohol markers offers controlled curves and expressive flicks with a flexible yet precise Japanese brush. 

For something a bit different for your layouts, why not give Outline Markers a try? Each of these unique pens holds two colours – an intense, bright shade and opaque silver. And every stroke leaves behind highly-pigmented silver with a vivid outline.

Perfect for lettering, embellishments, and much more, Metallic Flip Markers are the perfect way to add something a little special to your designs. Each marker is filled with a special hybrid metallic ink so you can produce two colours from a single pen tip. Sweep shimmering shades across the page and watch as the colours glimmer and change before your eyes! 

7. Craft Tape and Washi Tape

Washi tape has become something of a craft sensation over the years and for very good reason. This versatile and easy-to-use tape can be used to add details and bring designs together in one simple step. 

This masking tape is repositionable and available in a wide range of colours, widths, and patterns. Use it to add a stripe of colour, create a frame, border or corner embellishment and write over it with a pen to create a cute message, title, or note.

8. Embellishments

Finally, no scrapbooker’s kit is complete without embellishments. The list of embellishments you can use in your scrapbook spreads is limitless and ranges from stick on gems to ribbons,   Pom Poms to stickers and much more! Why not use die-cut letter tiles to create fun messages and titles? Or add an elegant and sophisticated finishing touch with a wax seal kit.

Once you’ve gathered all of your scrapbook essentials, you can start creating gorgeous layouts and beautiful designs to ensure your memories live on. We love to see your creations so make sure you tag us on Facebook UK, Facebook USA, Twitter, Instagram UK, Instagram US, Pinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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