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Free delivery available on orders over £20

Create your own cinnamon stick candle

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: Louise Brown
If you follow Sara on Social Media, you may have seen she’s been delving into her brand new Crafting Bible, and creating some easy Christmas crafts that are perfect for crafters of all abilities. 

One of our favourites is a cinnamon stick-covered LED candle that adds the perfect festive touch to any home or Christmas table decor. Follow along below to create your own.

You will need:

- LED candles 
- Cinnamon Sticks 
- Hessian Ribbon
- Your ribbon of choice (we LOVE our Christmas Satin Ribbon and the Violet Studio Home For Christmas Ribbon)
- Faux Christmas foliage (Sara has used dried orange slices with some berries and foliage)

Decorating your candle

1. Plug your glue gun in to heat up.

2. Look at how you can arrange your cinnamon sticks around your LED candle before adhering them into place. You may need to trim them with scissors or a sharp knife to suit your candle type. If your candle is the type that is shorter at the front with more of an exposed flame, it’s best to position the longer sticks at the back.   

3. Start to adhere the cinnamon sticks to the surface of the LED candle, one by one, then leave the candle in an upright position to dry for 30 minutes.

4. Cut a length of hessian ribbon long enough to wrap around the circumference of the candle and overlap slightly where the two ends meet. Glue this into place. 

5. Next, take your gingham ribbon, repeat step 4, then set your candle aside to dry for 30 minutes.

6. Once both ribbons have dried in place, glue your faux foliage to the front centre of your candles.

7. Create a small bow from an offcut of ribbon and glue it into place over the foliage. Set this aside to dry for a further 30 minutes. 

Looking for more Christmas inspiration? Grab your copy of Sara Davies Craft Your Year - The Crafting Bible today!

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