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How to make a Modern Man glasses holder

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters Companion

Whether it's for Father's Day or a birthday, creating your own present will not only save you money, but gives any gifting experience a personalised touch.

You Will Need:

 Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take a piece of mountboard.

  2. Cut it down to 6 ¼” x 6 ¼”.

  3. Take a saucer line it up with the sides and top of the mountboard and draw around the top half until it roughly lines up with the sides.

  4. Cut around the top section.

  5. Take a piece of Modern Man 6” Paper and line it so the bottom edge and side give you an even spacing.

  6. Turn it over and draw around the top of the mountboard.

  7. Cut this out, make sure you cut in 1/4” from the curved edge, this will give you a border around the paper.

  8. Take 2 pieces of A4 card.

  9. Cut them down to 6 ¼” x 8 ¾”.

  10. On your scoreboard using the box base part of the scoreboard, score down at 2” fold the score line, place this fold up against the right edge again and the score 6 ¼” this should leave you a thin glueing tab.

  11. Score and burnish all these lines.

  12. Using both gluing flaps attach the 2 pieces together so that they create a box shape.

  13. Take a piece of A3 or 12” card and cut down to 10 ¼” square.

  14. Using the box lid part of the box score down the 2” line on all three sides.

  15. Cut the corner flaps and glue and attach sides together creating the box tray.

  16. Slide the tray inside the casing making sure it fits.

  17. Take 2 more of the matching sheets of the paper out of the Modern Man Paper Pad

  18. Take one of the sheets and cut 3 x 1 ¾” strips leaving them 6” wide.

  19. Attach the 6” sheet to the top of the box, 2 of the strips to the side of the box and 1 strip to the front of the box.

  20. Take a piece of mountboard or thick card, this will become the glasses holder.

  21. Draw a line 3 1/2 “ from the bottom board. In the centre of the bottom edge of the board make 2 make. In the centre of the bottom edge of the board make 2 marks 2” apart, then on the horizontal line mark the same marks and then ½ into the centre. Draw a line from the inner marks to the marks on the bottom giving a thinned-out rectangle.

  22. For the sides we need to make a template which will give us the correct angle. Take a scrap of card and draw a line 2 inch in from the left edge the card. Draw a line 1 inch down the centre from the top and join this with the line. Draw a small glue tab on the right side of the line, and the cut this out.

  23. Use this template lay it down against the edge of thinned out rectangle and trace round it. Flip it over trace on the opposite side. Add a ½” rectangle at the top with some small glue tabs either side.

  24. Cut this shape out.

  25. Score down all the line and fold and glue the top rectangle in creating the basic shape. (if using mountboard for a better fold light score with a craft knife) Don’t worry if at this point it doesn’t hold it shape it will later.

  26. Take a piece of patterned paper, and wrap the board in it. Take your time will doing this start with the front panel then the sides, this cut around the edges folding the paper over all the surfaces.

  27. Using red liner tape attach to the curved back board.

  28. Using hot glue attach the glasses holder to the top of the box.

  29. Take some gold card and using the Modern Man Moustache Man die set and cut out the hat, moustache, and bow tie.

  30. Place the glasses on the stand and line up the hat, moustache, and bow tie on the stand. Add a sentiment to the front and then cut through the front of the draw and add a ribbon pull tab.

  1. May 2024
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